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  • Even though I reside in Fort Lauderdale, I still call my brother for car advice.

    I owned a red 944 Porsche for 10 years. Any time I had a concern with some noise my 944 was making I contacted my brother. He would diagnose the problem, over the phone, and was right on the money 100% of the time, without exception. When I would arrive at my local repair shop, I would advise them what was wrong with my car and what repairs were necessary. As a result of my brother’s expertise and knowledge, I have never been ripped off for car repairs.

    Thanks to my brother’s expert car advice, I was able to maintain my Porsche for 10 years and never worry about excessive repair bills.

    He’s simply the best in the biz.

  • Thank you for a great job done on my Porsche 944.
    I was very happy with your service, expertise, and especially with your prices.

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